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Send’Or Capital Limited is an Investor Focused Global Capital Advisory Firm, or otherwise a boutique investment platform which advises our clientele, be it financial or strategic guidance. We are sector agnostic. Our service is directed to all level of investors, small to medium enterprises, business sponsors and sovereign entities worldwide. Unprecedented time makes the future is difficult to foresee so having the guidance is essential.
Send’Or Capital Ltd. is a proud independent private financial organization that specializes in the provision of debt instruments for all sectors, as well as multiple financial solutions that prove to be flexible and expansive. We creatively weave the best solution no matter what is needed in the capital stack. We offer Business Loans, Private Equity Financing, Business Line of Credit, Equipment Financing, Mezzanine Debt and Invoice Financing. With 30 years plus of experience in the field, we comprehend the ever-changing state of the business trajectory and have the core capabilities and expertise, to further resolve all your finance – related obstacles.
At Send'Or Capital Ltd. we curate the world’s most secure investment opportunities and a priceless portfolio of financial institutions, as our partners. Our financiers include a wide array of commercial lenders, pension funds, private equity firms, and family offices, and high net worth investors we are solid. Our team members are strategically positioned globally so to better serve our clients. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built over many decades to assist our you. We have aligned ourselves with partners in Miami, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Paris, Rome, Asia, Africa, and Latin America to strengthen our reach.
Send"Or Capital Ltd. offers a personalized and customized boutique approach to support the clients’ needs for direct access to our experts, unlike our larger counterparts. We make satisfaction our primary concern and this can be reflected in our 30 years of success. Whether building a real estate portfolio, a leverage buyout, a merger and acquisition or a product launch in the horizon for your. We are always ready and prepared to assist.
At Send’Or Capital Ltd., we are BOLD and STRONG and have a formidable capacity to produce powerful opportunities for your organization. Our knowledge coupled with your vision will fuel your ideas to grow in the right direction domestically or globally. Our clear discernment of our Clients’ needs whilst measuring the fit to our methodology ensures the probability of your success.Hence, we provide a global perspective which empowers you to be precise and effective financially and strategic in order to progress forward with confidence when navigating the uncertain macro and micro economies.



Send’ Or Capital Ltd. values your perspective as distinctive. We believe that the client is best position to define its goals and objectives and this is a perfect match for our collaborative style of service.


Send’Or Capital Limited understand the value of your time and energy. We striver to analyze and evaluate the in the timely manner the need of each client and determine the best modality within our enterprise which will secure a successful outcome


Whether it is about receiving the first round of venture capital financing or preparation for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), Send’Or Capital Ltd., is focused on honest communication with the client. we have proven ourselves to be the pioneers in formulating high-end deals for you and your organization


As pioneers in our industry, Send'Or Capital Ltd.’s reputation is stellar while delivering service with to thousands of clients and investors. It one of our core values which we come to know as essential to a stable business model.


Send’Or Capital Ltd. can assure you complete transparency. We weave this component into the fabric of our organization in order to exceed the expectation of our firm’s clients, investors, and industry peers.


Send’Or Capital Ltd.’s relationships are built and founded on trust which is the basis of our operation. We understand our values will resonate with your need for reliability and trust when discussing the intricacies of your organization

Catalyst for Innovation

SENDRA DORCÉ, Founder & Ceo

An expert Financier for close to two decades specializing in global real asset investments. She has successfully invested personally and helped others to invest in real estate while facilitating capital structures via two of the largest European and American banks. She is skilled at analyzing real assets investment opportunities including determining the best strategy for equity and/or debt financing. She is proficient at structuring and closing investment deals as well as having a deep knowledgeable of financial markets. She exceeds client and investors’ expectations and brilliantly raises capital for companies at all stages and life cycles. She was president of a real estate finance company. She hosted a radio show on Real Estate Financing sponsored by Bank of America and was a senior executive at HSBC. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, a Masters in Science in international Conflict Analysis and Resolution-Negotiations, and an MBA from Sir John Cass Business School in London. Ms. Dorcé is a Certified FINRA Arbitrator, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator and Arbitrator, as well as a US Bankruptcy Court Meditator in the
Southern/Middle/Northern Districts of Florida.

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